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Image: Video still, 2006



Performance-to-camera filmed on Camcorder video with A to Z of 150 labels onto expectant tummy

"150 Lies, Myths and Truths projects adjectives of an everyday nature alongside racial and pejorative epithets that black bodies and subjectivities have been humiliated by in the centuries of slavery and later colonial administration. It establishes a familiar technique of Elsa’s at an early stage; using the individual subject, that we naturally empathise with as a spectator, in order to critique and undermine racialised and gendered stereotypes of the “exotic” other. "

Dr Jon Blackwood, Reader and Research Lead, Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University

A film made in response to a pregnancy scan confirming I was having another girl and thinking about the multitude of terms that exist in the world—both historical and contemporary, for black girls and women. 


'150 Lies Myths and Truths' (excerpt), Camcorder video without sound, duration 18:00 mins

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