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"This is a technique [using the individual subject, that we naturally empathise with as a spectator, in order to critique and undermine racialised and gendered stereotypes of the “exotic” other] that she returns to in the video Goat Curry and Rap of 2010, a film made in response to a comment from right-wing provocateur Rod Liddle in the press. Liddle had reached for stereotypical positives resulting from the presence of people of colour in London, as a means of trying to soften rather grim remarks about the prevalence of young black youth in criminal activity. In responding to Liddle’s unpleasant remark, Elsa again humanises these demeaning stereotypes in a performative manner, confronting these outdated attitudes that may be held by some audience members, with a direct, unflinching stare"

Dr Jon Blackwood, Reader and Research Lead, Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University

Goat Curry and Rap was created in 2010 as a response to a Spectator column written by Rod Liddle that stated...


"The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures, which were once alien to us. For which, many thanks." 



Rod Liddle censured by the PCC

Rod Liddle accused of racism for blog

Rod Liddle branded 'racist' for blog blaming crime on black men


Elsa James Artist

Goat Curry & Rap (excerpt), Camcorder video with sound, duration 8:54 mins

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