An ongoing series of digital text works documenting personal and social commentary in the format of black font on black, as a reminder about who is visible and who is invisible in this racist world, so is intentionally arduous to read. (Best viewed on a computer screen)


Works No. 4, 5 and 7 have been made into limited-edition screenprints. View the editions here

Work No. 13: The Gatekeepers’ Reminder, 2020

Work No. 12: Self Care; As Meshell Ndegeocello Succinctly Put It, 2020

Work No. 11: Rest in Power George Floyd, 2020

Work No. 10: Gatekeepers, take note, 2020

Work No. 9: The Story of the Windrush Scandal, 2020

Work No. 8: Ode to Vanessa Nakate 2020

Work No. 7: Policy note to Essex, 2020

 Work No. 6: Yes, I was actually asked this question from a white woman CEO of a Hackney-based, predominately black service user charity, 2019

Work No. 5: Untitled, 2019

Work No. 4: Hey, we're over here!, 2018

Work No. 3: Yawn! #ffs, 2016

Work No. 2: Untitled, 2016

Work No. 1: Untitled, 2016

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